CloneZ and it's Theory of Operation

What is CloneZ? The name stands for 'Clone Zentaur'...and it was inspired by a popular boutique pedal with a similar sounding name (call it KC for short). Many players have called the KC a 'clean boost' and they claim that it does not color the tone...that it is a 'transparent boost'. I got to thinking...hmmm, transparent...what is that? I decided that a 'transparent' pedal should be one that does not significantly alter the guitar frequencies when the input signal is very low. I am mainly concerned about this freq range: 82Hz to 4kHz

The frequecy plot below demonstrates that the CloneZ circuit does in fact provide a reasonably flat frequency response over this range. The Tone & Presence controls do allow us to tweak this frequency response to suit our tastes.

You will notice that the CloneZ can provide loads of BASS...and that it is reasonably 'tight' and not 'flabby' sounding. The famous 'ts9' style mid-range hump will not be noticed as it is in so many other pedals.

I decided to provide plenty of overdrive so that this pedal is not JUST a Clean Boost...ENJOY!