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As a matter of fact...it IS rocket science!

Serious tools...for serious tone!--ToneCrafter

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"how I wish I could be with you now and change my tone..." --(Apostle Paul, Gal. 4:20a)

"Carlos-this box of yours is something else. Now let me explain-I am 54 years old, have been playing for more than 40 years and at this point, I am not ashamed to say I know what I like. I went through the boutique box craze and spent lots of money on lots of equipment. At this point, I keep what I like and the rest goes on ebay. (thank god for ebay) I don't look at brand names any more. I go by my ear. And buddy, I like your box. I like it better than every other drive/distortion box I own, and I mean that. And that is saying something. I have never heard such tonal clarity. I have never gotten more great sounds using the box controls."

--Fred F. [ToneCrafter w/ CloneZ, Aug. 2005]

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"I can tell you that the overdrive I get with this pedal is more pleasing than anything else I've tried, which includes pedals by Fulltone, Klon, Barber, Keely, Blackstone and just about everything else. It just seems more musical to my ears."

--E. M. [Also loves his CloneZ !]

We took the 'GEEKINESS' out of Do-It-Yourself stompbox building.
No need to learn electronics or any specialized skills like soldering.
If you know that a round peg goes into a round hole, then
you've got what it takes to use this ToneCrafter system!



The SEVEN included ToneCrafter effects are:



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A meager $7 ships this unit to most of the 50 US states (usually 2-3 days in transit).
Sorry, I cannot ship to California Addresses


"...With minimal tweaking of the knobs, I got a great tone happening! Harmonically rich, slight tube-like compression, and good sustain...I tried it with my Tele and an old Kay that I use for slide and was very impressed. Nice job!"

--Ed M. [Buyer of two ToneCrafters]

"It sounds awesome! There's just something about it, that sounds soo good, I dont understand. Thank you so much!"

--Jesse K. [ToneCrafter w/included ShredFest Ckt Kit]

"Carlos- I love the sound. Cool box...I love the wood bottom. Quality all the way through."

--Luke E. [Bought ToneCrafter: Aug 2004]

"...had a chance to install it last night - another winner!...I put the 62k in and it sounds amazing. GREAT tone!"

--Randy G. [Buyer of two ToneCrafters]

"It worked on the first try!!! You're a genius! Great instructions, great layout"..."This was the most fun I have ever had in my life with electrical circuits; thanks again"

--David C. [ToneCrafter w/included PedalPal Ckt Kit]

"This is damned clever! Absolutely"..."Very useful, flexible, and a great tool for the serious pedal-phile who may not want to take the time to build one himself"

--Steve D. [re: ToneCrafter System]

"Box is well made - wood bottom is a nice touch!!"..."I A/B'd it against my stock ProCo RAT and it (Tonefactor) had a lot more of that "singing" distortion tone!

--Eric C. [comments on Tonefactor Ckt Kit]

"I was tempted to show off my ToneCrafter at my local 'boutique' guitar shop...They might be interested in selling your unit."

--Jeff S. [Bought ToneCrafter: Aug 2004]

"Your product is awesome! The quality is top notch. The Clone Z sounds great. You can quickly dial in the right amount of boost and grit. I don't know how you deliver such a professional product at this price!"

--Jeff C. [Bought ToneCrafter: Sept 2004]

"What a genius you are! I've received your ampeg-scrambler... It sounds great ! This is the sound of JIM McCARTY in CACTUS ( Long tall sally ), and I recognized ERIC CRAPTON in CREAM (Deserted cities of the heart). It has not only say {resemble } or { like }. The true sound of itself ! Sorry, my broken english ! But I really moved with your product !"

--Jun T. [ToneCrafter shipped to Japan: Oct 2004]

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